CEO di Graf Adhesive, Alessandro Sala ha maturato nel corso degli anni una lunga e articolata esperienza nella progettazione e produzione di materiali autoadesivi di alta qualità. Si interfaccia quotidianamente con clienti italiani e internazionali operanti nei settori più diversi, proponendo loro le migliori soluzioni adesive per i loro progetti. La sua lunga esperienza lo rende un esperto interlocutore per offrire risposte ad aziende di ogni dimensione operanti nell’ambito dell’interior design, della nautica, della comunicazione, del retail, dell’organizzazione eventi, delle arti grafiche e dell’industria.

Christmas shop windows 2022: what are the industry trends and how to make your product stand out

Retail Design specialists started planning their creative ideas for next Christmas a few weeks ago, as they know it will be a critical moment for in-store shopping and the retail sector. In this context, the role played by shop windows is crucial, especially in the current re-starting phase when people want to return to their routine after two long years of limitations. The…

Discover the new Decorkrome 2020 samples!

In 2020, the Decorkrome collection is completely renewed! New formats, plenty of finishes, countless colors for the range of adhesive coatings that has become renowned internationally. The samples are also available in the Metalkrome, Vinilkrome and PVC versions. [contact-form-7 id=”11651″ title=”Download Decorkrome 2020 ENG”]

Adhesive mirrors: where can you use them?

Where can you use your decorative and adhesive mirrors? In general terms, high-quality decorative and adhesive mirrors can be installed successfully on any surface, including walls. Not only these products prove to be extremely durable over time, and very easy to manage in terms of installation. They can also be transformed into furnishing elements characterized…